Stray Dog Sees Open Car Door And Jumps Into Front Seat Immediately


Stray dogs suffer a lot wandering the streets, they are hungry for love , and the next story illustrates just how much they cave love.

Returning from a fishing trip, a man named Bill Shaver from Missouri , had the do a quick stop into a resting stop to use the bathroom, and when he turned back he found a surprise waiting for him inside his car.

When Bill got out of the car he had left the car door open since he knew he would return soon, a stray dog saw that and took the opportunity and jumped into Bill’s car , after getting in River curled up and closed her eyes, feeling safe there, after returning to the car Bill did a double take when he saw someone was making him company inside his car.

When he checked out he found the poor and malnourished dog taking a nap in his car, being a dog lover, that already had rescued 3 other dogs, he knows his needs and he knew the dog was hungry so he gave him those crispy treats he had with him.


While letting the dog to eat , he took a picture with him and sent it to his wife asking her can he take the dog home since he grew to love her, and his wife was quick to say yes.

“I asked him what our new dog’s name was,” Angela told The Dodo. “We decided to call her River because of where she found him.”

Bill continued the road to his home , and when arrived there his wife and his son were waiting to meet River, but she was so afraid and refused to leave the car.

When Bill saw that River doesn’t wanna get out , he decided to carry her out and when she sniffed around the backyard, she fell in love with the place just like she fell in love with the car.


And then it was time River meets her new dog siblings, and for the good luck they all got along great with each other.

River needed a bath so Bill took care that River gets clean , and discovering some blood on her neck and body , the family made an appointment with the Vet to see if everything was ok with their new pet.

“After she was dried off and some ticks picked off, she got a good meal. Bill made her a bed on the floor in our room next to the space heater. She slept there all night,” Angela said.3333

Vet found several health problems in Rivers check up , she was suffering from tapeworms, heartworms, and wounds on her neck were from fighting. But river got the pills she needed and her health started to improve, as she was getting healed she started to fall in love with her new home and her new family too.


“She runs in the yard and chases nothing with Winston, sits for cookies with Ginger and hogs the bed with Butters”

Angela said. “The cat was very unpleased for the first few days, but is finally coming around.”

River took a great decision getting on that open car door, now she has a family that loves her dearly.


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