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‘The World’s Saddest Dog’ Loses Her Home Again, And Might Be Put To Sleep If Nobody Adopts Her Soon

Lana, the canine called ‘the saddest dog in the world’, is homeless again– and she might be put to sleep if she does not...

The One-Eyed Dog Who Was Abused Is Now Living A Happy Life

Many cases of abuse are all around us, and one of the most vulnerable are often the ones who suffer, as was the case...

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The man sold his car to save his dog’s life. What a heroic deed!

Randy and his dog Gemini loved each other at first sight. Randy adopted his beloved dog when he was just a few-months-old puppy. Gemini loved...

Smart Puppy Digs a Tunnel Under Fence to Invite Neighbor Friend to Play

Okay, you’re not going to believe this, but there’s another dog next door, but I can’t talk to him! My humans want me to...

Pregnant horse saved from slaughterhouse sees baby for first time

It’s always sad to hear about an animal in dire circumstances. But thankfully, there are many kind people and organizations in the world helping...

Man works tirelessly for days to give rescue dog the yard he deserves

When choosing a pet to rescue, some of us would avoid those with behavioral issues. Maybe we have children that we want to make...

Pink Puppy Who Can’t Hear Or See Is Inspiring Kids To Deal With Differences

Animals are wonderful loyal and loving companions, bringing untold happiness and joy and to their families. Their skills are unparalleled, used often to aid...

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