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‘The World’s Saddest Dog’ Loses Her Home Again, And Might Be Put To Sleep If Nobody Adopts Her Soon

Lana, the canine called ‘the saddest dog in the world’, is homeless again– and she might be put to sleep if she does not...

The One-Eyed Dog Who Was Abused Is Now Living A Happy Life

Many cases of abuse are all around us, and one of the most vulnerable are often the ones who suffer, as was the case...

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15 Adorable Pictures Of Golden Retrievers In The Sleeping Dog Challenge

The sleeping dog challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners. They shared adorable pictures of sleeping golden retrievers with adorable and funny looks....

Goose taps on police officer’s car and asks for help

There are many ways to describe the characteristics and behavior of geese. They’re faithful, and they adapt to humans quickly. Another great characteristic they have...

Shelter Dogs Rescued Together Sleep Side By Side Every Night!

Romeo and Damian are pit bulls that were rescued together at the age of five. The unfortunate pups were malnourished, dehydrated, and losing weight...

This Rescued King Penguin Loved Going To The Fish Market So Much That His Family Taught Him How To Buy Fish On His Own

While there are so many people who find penguins absolutely adorable, given the right circumstances, few of us would dare to keep them as...

Vet Can’t Hold Back Tears When He Sees His Military K9 Now That She’s Old And Retired

Adam Wylie, an Air Force Staff Sgt., hadn’t seen his military dog, Emra, for three years, writes ilovemydogsomuch The Belgian Malinois was with Adam for...

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