A small creature with an unfortunate fate that came to me near death, its body can clearly see its ribs, it looks pitiful


One day, I went to a forest near my house and stumbled upon a small white dog lying on the ground with no energy left. As I approached, I realized that the dog was very thin and weak, looking really pitiful. I tried to approach the dog and talk to it, but it didn’t react at all.

I immediately took the dog to the veterinary hospital and later found out that it had been abandoned and had been living in poor conditions with little food and care for a long time. It had not been properly fed and had lost many chances to be saved.

I was heartbroken when I learned this and decided to take care of this little dog until it fully recovered. I named the dog Lucky and began to spend a lot of time caring for and loving it.


Lucky was very friendly and soon became an indispensable part of my life. I spent a lot of time taking care of and training Lucky, and the little dog became healthy and full of energy.

One day, I took Lucky for a walk around the area and met a man on the street who loved dogs. He shared with me that he was looking for a dog to adopt. I saw this as a good opportunity for Lucky to have a new family and decided to have Lucky adopted by this man.

Lucky went to his new family and received the best possible love and care. I felt very happy and relieved knowing that Lucky would have a better life. Although I missed Lucky very much, I knew that it was the right and best decision for the little dog.

From then on, I decided to volunteer at pet rescue centers and help other dogs like Lucky. I always remember Lucky and know that it has left an everlasting mark on my life.



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