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‘The World’s Saddest Dog’ Loses Her Home Again, And Might Be Put To Sleep If Nobody Adopts Her Soon

Lana, the canine called ‘the saddest dog in the world’, is homeless again– and she might be put to sleep if she does not...

The One-Eyed Dog Who Was Abused Is Now Living A Happy Life

Many cases of abuse are all around us, and one of the most vulnerable are often the ones who suffer, as was the case...

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American Soldiers Refused To Leave Stray Mama Dog And Her Puppies Behind

In 2013, a group of American soldiers in Afghanistan banding together leading by Sgt. Edwin Caba to help a stray family of dogs, after...

Veteran, horse, and dog are walking thousands of miles across the united state for a great cause

” The 3 Amigos” are traveling from coast to coast, all to help people struggling with PTSD and to rescue animals’ lives. Head over to...

5 Week Old Puppy Found Abandoned In A Plastic Bag – Crying And Covered In Worms

Workers at a dog shelter named “Dog Rescue Coolronan” come across an emaciated and helpless 5-week-old puppy named Bobby, writes valuablestories Bobby was wrapped in...

Dog runs out of house with carrot for his horse best friend

The more we read about dogs doing amazing, thoughtful, or unique things, the more we begin to question: is there truly anything that dogs can’t do?...

Man works tirelessly for days to give rescue dog the yard he deserves

When choosing a pet to rescue, some of us would avoid those with behavioral issues. Maybe we have children that we want to make...

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