Woman moved and left her terrified dogs caged on the sidewalk with the trash


Bad luck struck poor dogs the most , when they live with monstrous owners, who don’t appreciate the loyalty of this furry friends or they love, but whenever they feel like it they throw them out like trash.

Two poor dogs were seen on a cage near some big trash bags in Barstow, California, all alone and a.ban.don.ed.

A Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue volunteer named Allen Boartfield received a information about two poor abandoned dogs that were left alone in the middle of a road , next to trash bags , locked in a cage.

The volunteer said she was contacted for the dog’s case in early morning, and she got informed how the owner has been evicted from her home and left the poor souls behind, locking them in a cage.


When she left the house , she left her two dogs as well by the curbside without food or water , locked in a crate together.

Boartfield immediately took the location and drove there to offer her help, and when she reached the place she indeed came to see the heartbreaking view of two poor dogs together in a crate.

The dogs name were Treasure and Catch and both were afraid and cautious of people they don’t know, they were so afraid that Catch nipped at Boartfield and refused to leave Treasure by herself.

After the dogs were rescued they were immediately sent for medical checkup at the Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine, California.After they had a detailed examination , Hedy Herold, the rescue coordinator for the hospital said that poor Treasure was so matted she barely moved without feeling terrible pain , and she would scream to our technicians that tried to help her.


The dogs were staying together a lot, but then Catch caught a cold and he was put to isolation to be cured, so the duo was forced to be separated.

After some days Treasure started to trust people more she became a more warm dog , and then she agreed to take a bath and get spayed, she is healing physically and spiritually really fast.

But Catch is another story, he still is cold towards people, he doesn’t accept pets or love from them , the staff hope they will see Catch loosen a bit too , so he can feel safe and enjoys the love he will receive here.

We hope both dogs will pass this traumatic experience soon, and they will find their forever homes, to be loved and appreciated as they deserve.



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