Sick Old Dog Spent 11 Years On The Streets, Gets Woken Up From A Nap To Learn Life Has Changed


Some dogs spend their whole lives facing the dark and dangers of the streets without hope that the sun will shine for them,but as the old saying goes,you should never lose hope.

A poor dog was abandoned and roamed the streets of Los Angeles since he was a little puppy for eleven long years,he fought to survive on those harsh streets.

He got used to living without a home and care,but when his medical condition became worse and he got sick he wasn’t able to continue the fight for survival on those dangerous roads.

So he started to look out for someone to help him and got himself on a stranger’s porch,and took a nap.


The woman who owns the house was happy when she found the dog,and instead of sending him away she welcomed him to her home till further help came.

The woman named the dog Solovino which in Spanish means ‘’He came alone’’

San Francisco’s Rocked Dog Rescue was contacted from the woman,that required their assist to find the old sick dog a home.

Solovino’s story came to the ears of a woman named Carol,and she immediately felt attached to the dog,and being a huge Star Wars fans she decided to refer our big boy as Solo.


Carol was so touched by this story,se took the decision to adopt more senior dogs and give them the care and love they so badly deserves.

Live happy Solo, you deserve this happiness after a decade roaming the streets.


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