Policeman from Indiana was secretly filmed while he was aßusiŋg K9 dog, video spreads in lightning speed


Policeman from Indiana was secretly filmed while he was abusing K9 dog, video spreads in lightning speed…

There are so many examples where dogs protect humans and even save human lives. They are our most loyal companions and everyone who is the owner of a dog or loves dogs knows that.

So are police dogs: they are conditioned to use their sixth sense to find dangerous substances and objects and to protect us from them.

They even help arrest criminals or put their own lives at risk if police officers are in trouble; many law enforcement officers owe their lives to their police dogs.


When I saw the following video with the knowledge that I was shockeɗ and ɗisgusteɗ at the same time to see how the policeman dealt with a police dog.

A passerby filmed the policeman treating a police dog in a terrible way. Since the video of the incident was put online, it has already reached nearly 1.5 million views.

In the video that was on YouTube was posted, you can see a passerby filming two policemen; one investigating a suspect, while the other was standing in the background with a police dog.

The policeman from Hammond, at home in Indiana, USA, then does something terrible to the dog.


He pulls on the dog leash, forcing the dog to stand on his hind legs and hitting the dog’s body with another leash.

Then he lifts the dog with the leash even higher into the air and swings it through the area.

After the video went viral and the responsible police station got wind of it, administrative tasks were assigned to the policeman first of all, while further investigations were initiated.

They found that the dog, which had previously shown no signs of aggression against the policeman, had not been abused, according to the Hammond police department.


But apparently over a million users who saw the video saw it differently. More than 1,400 people commented on the video and expressed how disgusted they were by the police officer’s actions.

In a statement that was made about NBC Chicago the police say that the policeman rehearsed the emergency as at a dangerous traffic control, but that he will receive further training in the future.

Look at yourself downstairs and then decide how you see things. Some readers might find the video disturbing.

In my eyes, that’s no way to deal with dogs! A policeman should not behave as if he is working against the dog if it supports him in his daily work.


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