Sad Little Puppy With Mange Still Wags His Tail Despite Pain He Is In


A young puppy living on the street was suffering from advanced mange. His body was covered in sores and the top of his head and ears were severely infected.

Despite the considerable pain he was in, his tail wouldn’t stop wagging when rescuers approached.

Rescuers gently picked him up and rushed him to their shelter where they gave him a meal – probably the first full meal he’s ever had and began to treat his mange with medicated baths.

“When we rescued this sad little boy he was in pain, forlorn and had lost all joy in life,” said Animal Aid Unlimited, India. “He didn’t behave like a puppy at all.


He was so forlorn and scared that it seemed like he didn’t even know what it meant to play or have fun.”

But after 6 weeks of care, meet Jamie today.

Watch the full video below to see Jamie’s incredible transformation into a puppy again. Seeing him tugging on shoelaces, splashing in buckets and having fun warmed our hearts.


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