S.t.r.a.y dog shows up at sandwich shop every day for her free meal


We all wish for every animal to find their forever homes and be showered with love, but fortunately out there still are a lot of stray cats and dogs.

A lot of these animals survive thanks to the strangers kindness that offers them food and shelter, one stray dog has a fast food place to go and eat dinner every night.

Gio from Mexico is a TicToc user he introduced “Subway Sally” to the world, a homeless dog that shows up every night to the subway sandwich shop where the boy works, searching for something to eat.

The employees are always happy to help her.


“We always feed her,” wrote Gio in TikTok video.

He prepares a plate of cold cut turkey and bacon, for Sally and she happily eats it.

This is such a sweet thing to do for a stray dog, Gio says they need to feed their unique costumer fast or she will go to Taco Bell next door.

Gio’s video went viral on TicToc and currently has more than 3 million views.


The video made a lot of people raising questions, some pointed out that the dog is too groomed to be a homeless pooch.

In a second video Sally gets food from Gio and he explains that she is a stray dog but “flower lady next door” likes to groom her, that’s why she looks nice.

He proceeds to explain that he hasn’t send the pooch to a shelter since the nearest one is 20 miles away and also is a high kill shelter.

Other people are curious why Gio is not adopting the dog, and he explained that he already has 5 cats so taking are for a dog too is impossible, since its a low income area is quite difficult to find someone else to adopt her as well.


“There are a lot of strays in our town,” Gio said in a third video. “I live in a very poor town. More often than not, people can’t pay for pet food.”

Seems like Sally too is not interested to be taken: “Multiple people have tried taking her but she never wants to go,” wrote Gio in a comment. “I suspect she has a regular place to sleep and possibly care for her puppies.”

But overall is sweet seeing people that help stray dogs wherever they can.

“My coworkers and I are still going to feed her, don’t worry about that,” said Gio.



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