Rescuers Save Bait Dogs and Breeding Dogs from AƅanԀοneԀ Home


An investigation by humane officers lead to the discovery of several misƗreaƗeԀ dogs living at an aƅanԀοneԀ home.

Two humane officers from The Michigan Humane Society headed over to the home where they believed dogs were being bred and used as bait dogs in dog fighting.

On previous visits they did not find anything, but this time they discovered five dogs to rescue!1111

One dog looks very young, another looks like she recently gave birth to puppies and yet another looks like he has bite wounds on him.


These officers make sure people are “doing right by their animals”. When they aren’t, like in this situation with dog fighters exploiting the animals for illegal activities, they take them off the streets and hopefully provide them a second chance.


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