Poor Dog Was Ignored On The Side Of The Street For Whole Day


This story is about a poor little dog that was laying all day stranded on the side of the road and nobody could notice him.

After a while, a citizen passing there by saw the poor puppy and called an organization called Hope For Paws to help the dog.

They got the call about the poor dog about after 24 hours after the animal was originally stranded. Eldad, member of Hope For Paws, carefully extracted the puppy taking care not to move her because he assumed that her pelvis might have been crushed.

The amazing part in this terrible scene was when the little dog licked his hand as a sign to thank him for saving her life.


Eldad took the puppy and named her Lady. He immediately took her to the vet where she was given an x-ray. It relieved that she had her pelvis broken. Sadly, the puppy was in too much pain, she could not even take a bath.

After the check out into the vet hospital, she was taken to a new foster home. There she found a lot of attention and loving care. It took her some time to recover, feel healthy and continue her life happier as never before.

Everyone loves her, and she gives a lot of love to everyone in the foster home. She became playful and so careful for everyone.

Now, everyone is looking to find the beautiful Lady a forever home, where she could have a forever family that will take care of her.


Everyone can help animals, by saving their lives with just a call or adopting them and making them part of their families.

We hope the best for the Lady!


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