Man Saves Homeless Puppy with Head Stuck in Potato Chip Bag


A puppy alone in a snowy field was in trouble when a man driving by spotted the puppy with her head stuck in a potato chip bag.

The footage filmed in southern Manitoba, Canada shows the man approaching the struggling puppy and trying to get her to come over to him.

“I don’t know if I’ll make it there,” the man says, while trekking through the heavy snow on the ground. “I’m sinking.”

Finally, the puppy inches up to the man, who gently removes the the chip bag off of her head.


This was a very dangerous situation for the puppy, as the dog could easily have suffocated.

Thank goodness this stranger happened by when he did and saved her life.

Although it’s unclear where the tiny puppy was living, the puppy may be one of the many strays living in and around the Canadian province’s First Nations communities, which have widespread problems with stray dogs.

It’s common to see packs of semi-feral Rottweilers, Border Collies and Pitbulls roaming reserves in Manitoba, a situation animal advocates are trying to change.


One rescuer in the province says thousands of the stray dogs are starving, sick and struggling to survive. Jasmine Colucci from K-9 Advocates Manitoba says she often sees dogs frozen to death from the cold or a bullet hole to the head.

She and other rescuers are overwhelmed by the volume of homeless dogs needing rescue and care. We’re hoping this puppy will be one of the lucky ones and has been rescued.


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