Family leaves their husky alone for 3 hours – dog redesigns the apartment


We all agree that dogs are sweetest and the most loyal creatures on the world, but our little pooches know how to have their moments as well, it’s not always milk and honey with them sometimes they know how to mess things up bad in such a hilarious way, and the puppy of our story take us to a wild adventure.

For many of us that share our living space with a dog it is known that if we leave them alone for a minute an epic scene is going to wait for us, so imagine what would happen if you left your dog alone for 3 hours… Well a family did that but they came to regret every single minute of it.

After they left their beloved husky alone for 3 hours they learned a precious lesson on a hard way.

The husky’s parents planned to enjoy the cinema on a Friday night without taking their furry little one, being all alone seemed to bore the dog and he decided for a quick redesign, but the redesign won’t happen only on his place no, but in all the apartment.

Actually the bedroom was untouched, we will give him that.

If any of you had any doubt about canines’ artistic side, the story is proof they can be artists at heart.


Thank god (if we can say that) the pooch used “traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice,” according to his not really happy owner. He also said the ink is “100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human.”

Take a look at this Husky’s art masterpiece.


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