Dog Chained To Cinder Block Left To Die Rescued By Park Rangers


Park rangers came to the rescue of a dog chained to a cinderblock in the water and purposely left to drown at shoreline of Longview Lake, south of Kansas City, Mo.

The dog was covered in mud and chained to a 12×12 cinderblock and “presumably left to drown in high water levels” according to Great Plains SPCA, who is now looking for the person(s) responsible.

Rangers quickly rescued the dog, and he is now recovering at the Great Plains SPCA’s Independence shelter as of May 1, 2017.

“There is no doubt this was intentional,” said Tonya Hampton with Great Plains SPCA. Anyone with information is urged to contact Jackson County Animal Control at (913) 475-6164.
The dog is thought to be between 5 and years old and is a lab/shepherd mix. They’ve nicknamed him “Deputy” and he should be up for adoption within a few days after a health check.

Shortly after Deputy’s rescue, Great Plains SPCA took care of him, got him fixed up and found him a loving home.


Check out the heartwarming update to Deputy’s story in the video below!


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