An Aggressive Owner Stole A Dog From Animal Hospital After He Refused The Treatment


Everybody loves puppies and dogs! They are so lovable and joyful for each family.

But one thing to remember is that owners of them should be enough responsible and consider them as a real family. They should know that having a dog requires commitment.

This story tells how a little chihuahua after being neglected at a home, was saved from a San Jose, Calif.

The Animal Care Center came to check her and they found that she was almost Ԁying. They named her Mia.


They diagnosed Mia, with a uterine infection ehich is called pyometra. Unfortunately, her former owner was the one who refused to pay at first.

Eventually, Mia was prepped and was ready for the surgical procedure she needed.

Besides the bad guys all over the world, there are always the kind ones, in this case like the vet who performed the life-saving surgery, even though he didn’t know if Mia’s owners were able to pay for her operation.

Besides this, he did what he had to. It was his responsibility to try and save her life.


After the operation, which was enough successful, Mia did not look better. In fact, she looked worse. This is why she spent some more days at the hospital to get better.

But this is not all the history. After some days while she was staying at the hospital, her owner showed up and what he did, was a shock!

He tried to get her without paying for the surgery.

After this, the vet requested the San Jose Animal Services, to check up on Mia, and because of this the owner of Mia, had to bring her back, immediately. What’s more, she was found all starved, thin and all alone.


Mia had lost a lot of weight in just three weeks. Besides this, her owner said that he had been feeding her with milk and chicken broth, but this did not look so trustworthy because Mia was showing something else.

After they saw Mia, officers ordered her owner to sent her to the vet for treatment. But the owner denied it, thus the officers took Mia in themselves.

While she was at the vet, a nurse noticed that Mia could eat, but only if she was fed by hands.

Everyone was so happy, and the whole team fed her by hand and measured her weight every 3-4 days, to make sure she was getting better.


Fortunately, good results started to appear there. After a while, she started to look like any other normal dogs, and she loved belly rubs.

Thankful to the treatment she got, Mia became normal, happy and so playful.

The one that was left all alone and starving, was back to normality and started to play with the students who were practicing, and even dresses up for Halloween!

What she loves is going on trips with her foster ‘’mom’, Dr. Tyson, who is a vet at the practice and the one who saved her life.


On the other hand, the court decided that Mia’s owner would never be able to gain possession of her. This led to the opportunity that she could be adopted by someone else.

All this story means that Mia was abused by her owner. So glad, that she could be taken off of him.

We wish the very best of luck to the sweet Mia!

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