Sick Woman Says Goodbye to Her Beloved Horse And Dogs For The Last Time From Her Hospice Bed


Animals have a unique way of forming bonds with humans, and the story of Jan Holman is a perfect example of this. Jan was a 68-year-old woman who had to leave her beloved horses and dogs when she moved to a hospice due to her illness.

However, the staff at the hospice decided to surprise her by arranging a reunion with her animals, and the emotional reunion that followed was nothing short of heartwarming.

Jan had been riding her horse Bob up until the day before she went to the hospital. Bob was an important part of her life, and she missed him terribly. The hospice staff knew this and decided to do something special for her. They arranged for Bob, along with Jan’s two dogs Monty and Rowley, to visit her at the hospice. Jan was thrilled to see her beloved animals again, and her face lit up with joy when she saw Bob.

Even though Jan couldn’t get out of bed, Bob sat on her lap, and she stroked his neck while feeding him sweet treats like apples, bananas, and carrots. She was overjoyed to see her dogs as well, and they slept by her bed, which was the best part of the reunion for her.


The reunion with her animals gave Jan the strength to keep fighting, and she was grateful to the hospice staff for making it possible. Jan and her family didn’t expect Bob to be able to visit, and they were thankful for the hospice staff’s kindness. The staff took several photos of Jan’s reunion with her animals, capturing the emotional moment perfectly.

Jan’s reunion with her animals shows just how important animals can be to us. They have a way of making us feel loved and providing comfort in difficult times. The staff at the hospice went above and beyond to make Jan’s reunion possible, and their kindness made all the difference. Jan’s love for her animals was evident in the way she interacted with them, and her reunion with them will be a memory that her family will cherish forever.


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