Man Builds Kid Size Railroad But It’s His German Shepherds That Are Riding The Rails

In the charming town of Shavano Park, Texas, Mariano and Esmerelda Rendon have taken backyard fun to a whole new level. Combining their love for their grandkids, dogs, and trains, they have created a whimsical backyard railroad that has captured the hearts of everyone who sees it. But it’s not just the impressive track and train that make this backyard gem special—it’s the adorable German shepherd puppies who joyfully ride the rails alongside their human companions.The train project, aptly named Salsa Tracks, has been a labor of love for Rendon. Although he started working on it before the COVID-19 lockdown, the extended time at home provided him with the perfect opportunity to dedicate himself to this imaginative endeavor. With over 1,000 feet of tracks meandering through their property, the Rendons have transformed their backyard into a miniature railroad wonderland.

One of the most delightful aspects of Salsa Tracks is the inclusion of their German shepherd puppies and grandkids. The furry quartet fits perfectly into the train cars, embarking on exciting adventures together. In a heartwarming video, 11-week-old pups Abrams and Bradley are seen enjoying a leisurely ride around the yard, completely at ease in their cozy train compartments. Their carefree demeanor is a testament to the joy and contentment they find in these backyard escapades.

While the puppies may not fully comprehend the uniqueness of their train rides, their playful spirit and the smiles they bring to everyone’s faces are truly infectious. As they explore the winding tracks, occasionally even dozing off during their excursions, it’s evident that they have found a haven of happiness and adventure in their own backyard.

The Salsa Tracks project continues to evolve, with Rendon already planning to expand and lay more tracks. His latest addition, “Corona Pass,” pays tribute to the extraordinary circumstances that have allowed him the time and energy to invest in this extraordinary backyard railroad. The Rendons’ dedication to creating magical moments for their grandkids and beloved furry companions is truly inspiring, and their backyard train has become a source of joy and wonder for all who witness it.


For those curious to see more of Mariano Rendon’s backyard masterpiece, the Background Railroading group on Facebook offers a glimpse into the ongoing journey of Salsa Tracks. Join the community and be captivated by the creativity and passion that has brought this miniature railroad to life.

Let us share the delight of these German shepherd puppies riding the rails and invite others to revel in the enchantment of Salsa Tracks. This heartwarming video is sure to bring smiles to faces of all ages. Share it with your family and friends, and embark on a journey of imagination and joy that only a backyard train adventure can provide.

In a small town in Texas, the Rendon family has transformed their backyard into a magical world of miniature trains and endless fun. With their German shepherd puppies as enthusiastic passengers, the joy and wonder of Salsa Tracks have captured the hearts of all who witness it. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and the boundless happiness that can be found in simple pleasures. So, hop aboard and share the joy of this extraordinary backyard train adventure with your loved ones. All aboard!


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