Olive the Pig Resides Among a Dog Pack, Firmly Believing Herself to Be Part of the Group.


Olive is the most adorable little pig we’ve ever seen. She lives with a nice family in Sydney, Australia that has 3 humans and 3 dogs. Being raised around 3 dogs, Olive has grown up thinking she’s one of them! Her human family hasn’t stopped her because she’s so happy living life like a dog. Olive clearly feels like a dog and lives like a dog, taking in every day happy moment by happy moment.

When her human family, Alissa and Nick Childs, brought Olive home, they were concerned how well their French Bulldog, Lola, would accept the piglet. Much to their surprise, the two became great friends. ”Lola took the role of Olive’s adopted Mum & it was so beautiful to see,” Alissa wrote on her website.


Perhaps one of the best parts about this story is that Alissa is such a great photographer. Not only does she enjoy spending moments taking care of her 4 “dogs,” she captures these precious times for the rest of the world to see. There’s no question that Olive is happy living with her family, and everyone treats her like a dog just as she wishes.

Olive wears a collar, goes on walks, plays and naps with her canine companions, races them to the gate when someone arrives and even sleeps on the couch. She’s free to go in and out of the house on her own accord, so she can graze the lawn if she wants to.


The unstoppable animal team consists of Olive the pig, Lola the French Bulldog, Tilly the British Bulldog and Alfie the Boston Terrier. Alissa told Bored Panda that she wants an even bigger family, so she’s considering getting a miniature donkey next. Considering Alissa’s passion for dressing up her pets and throwing parties, we’d love to see a donkey added to the fun!


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