In Dire Need, Dog Gives Birth to Puppies in the Dirt, Faces Painful Ordeal as Stomach Aches


When Lexus went into labor, she had nowhere to go. She crawled to a run-down backyard and cried throughout the night while giving birth to her pups. A family noticed Lexus and contacted “Hope For Paws.”

When the rescuers arrived in the backyard and shined a light on Lexus, she became frightened and ran off. The neighbors, on the other hand, joined hands to ensure that Lexus stayed within acceptable limits. Time was running out, so the rescue workers rushed to where she gave birth as soon as possible.

The dog rescuers were devastated when they went out to the pile of pups in the ground. One of them had already passed away, but the others were barely clinging on. When the humanitarians informed Lexus that one of her puppies had perished, she was overcome with grief. However, she eventually realized that the humans were there to assist her and her remaining puppies.


When the devastated mother dog carried Lexus to the shelter, she was nursing her remaining pups when she felt a painful stabbing in her stomach. An X-ray revealed that Lexus had swallowed a metal bottle cap. The poor girl had been foraging for food in trashcans and eating everything in sight to keep from starving.

Lexus was unable to have surgery because she was still breastfeeding her puppies. The rescuers ended up forcing her to vomit and assisting her in removing all of the garbage from her stomach. She felt considerably better after that!


It’s wonderful to watch Lexus and her pups in this clip at the end!

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