Two adorable beings, born on the same day, share an unbreakable bond that melts our hearts with their overwhelming cuteness.


That is so awesome and sweet

…and they are going to ge best friends for life that is so sweet

Babies and puppies are capable of giving only unconditional love, and the only thing that can happen when a baby and a dog born on the same day grow up together is cuteness overload.


Chicago based mother and photographer Ivette Ivens knows this really well, since every day she witnesses the incredible bond between her little child Dilan and the French Bulldog pup Farley, who were born on the very same day.

Dilan and Farley do everything together and probably think they are the same species.


Farley patiently plays with him and tries not to snore while they both nap, He is always around us, and follows Dilan everywhere.

Fairley is always there to help Dilan, by cleaning up his mess when he eats…and trying to make him laugh by licking him on the neck when he cries.


The most loving connection – pure, unconditional, irreplaceable and inseparable…

Absolutely awesome and precious they’re going to be good friends for all their lives.
They are both so precious, adorable and such Cuties! But be safe and smart with the sleeping arrangements as some infants have accidentally smothered sleeping with a family pet.


God bless them and God bless the people that are on them

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