Transformation of a Stray! Collapsing on a woman’s porch, a dog turns into the most beautiful puppy, a testament to love and care.


Being a stray animal is already tough, but it’s even worse when humans mistreat and hurt you. This was the situation for a sick puppy in Los Angeles who was chased away by locals who didn’t want him there.

People threw rocks at the poor pup and tried to scare him away, but fortunately, Lisa Chiarelli stepped in to save him. She contacted Lisa Arturo from Big Love Animal Rescue, who came to search for the dog but couldn’t find him.


The rescuers asked Chiarelli to leave a blanket on her porch in the hope that the dog would find it, and the next day, they found him sleeping on it. He was so ill that he couldn’t walk and was tied up, but the rescuers knew he needed urgent medical attention.

They took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with a skin infection and an eye infection. His blood tests were a mess, and the vet didn’t think he would survive for long without proper treatment.

Thankfully, the dog was well cared for, and over time, he gradually started to recover. His fur grew back, the scabs disappeared, and he gained weight. He also came out of his shell and became more comfortable around people.


Eventually, the dog was adopted by a loving couple and found a new home with a big garden to run around in. He now has a dog brother and loves his new family. While his start in life was tough, he’s now a happy and healthy dog who’s been given a second chance.


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