This poor dog is screaming in pain on a thick, bulky leash and he wishes a miracle would happen at this moment


It was a tragic sight that greeted the inspectors from DIOZ when they arrived at the shabby shack where a small dog was waiting for death. The dog had been located that morning by local volunteers who, after feeding and watering the little creature, had requested help from DIOZ. Despite the overwhelming number of animals in their care, DIOZ could not refuse to help. Only their intervention saved the little dog from dying a slow, painful death on a thick and cumbersome chain.

Upon arriving at the site, the inspectors were faced with a heartbreaking scene. A small dog was tied to a cow chain next to a shabby shack, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Only after removing the dog from the shack did the inspectors notice the massive tumor in the dog’s anal region and the wound on its front paw, which reached all the way to the bone. The DIOZ team immediately decided to transport the dog to a veterinary clinic.

It wasn’t until the examination that the extent of the neglect became apparent. The visible tumor and wound on the paw were just the tip of the iceberg. A closer look at the tumor revealed countless flea colonies running underneath it, as well as worms coming out of the dog’s anus. It’s unfathomable how anyone could let a creature deteriorate to such an extreme state.

An ultrasound revealed an unimaginable bladder wall enlargement, and blood tests indicated severe anemia and extreme body wasting, resulting from the dog’s emaciation. The dog needed to be monitored overnight, and the blood tests had to be repeated to assess whether a blood transfusion was necessary.


To make matters worse, the dog also had a deep, bone-reaching wound on its front paw, which also had a secondary infection. It’s clear that what people do to their animals is beneath all criticism. We’re at a loss for how to combat this cruel behavior that occurs in almost every neighborhood. Only with your help and support can we continue to confront this inhumane cruelty.

We implore you to help us once again in the case of the dog we received today. Let’s not allow him to pass away! Let’s show him what a normal life looks like. He still has a long road ahead of him to recover his dignity, but we hope that with your help, we can restore the little creature’s faith in humanity.


The story of this neglected dog is not unique. Unfortunately, animal cruelty and neglect are still prevalent in many societies. This is a call to action for people to report any instances of animal neglect or abuse they witness. It’s also a reminder of the crucial role that animal rescue organizations play in saving the lives of these vulnerable creatures. By raising awareness and working together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals who are often forgotten and neglected. Let’s join forces to ensure that no animal has to suffer alone.


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