The poor rescue dog is tired despite all difficulties and challenges and the ending behind this sad story


Citadel Wayne Animal Care and Control’s Sanctum group of workers are no strangers to animal neglect and abuse. However, they were deeply affected by the heart-wrenching story of a young Beagle or Brittany mix called “Thin Dog.” This poor pup was abandoned behind a former Purpose in Citadel Wayne, Indiana, and by the time rescuers found him, he was extremely weak and unable to walk.

Veterinarians rushed to provide emergency care for the dog, and initially, Thin Dog responded well to treatment. He started eating and growing stronger, giving hope to the staff and his growing community of sympathetic supporters on social media. It seemed like Thin Dog might survive this challenging ordeal. For about a week, he showed signs of improvement, bringing joy to the dedicated staff.


However, after a series of tests, the shelter staff discovered that Thin Dog’s red blood cell count was alarmingly low. In a desperate attempt to save him, they decided to give him a blood transfusion. This unexpected turn of events left Thin Dog’s fans anxiously awaiting an update on his condition. Sadly, the sanctuary staff later announced that the blood transfusion had not been successful. With heavy hearts, they had to let go of their long-suffering canine companion.

“We are deeply saddened to share that our sweet Joe has crossed the rainbow bridge,” wrote Citadel Wayne Animal Care & Control on Facebook. “He was such a fighter and surpassed all expectations we had for him when we first met him just over a week ago.”

“Our medical team provided him with the best care, and we are incredibly grateful and proud of their dedication, compassion, and the choices they made to be there for him around the clock,” the sanctuary continued. “When he took a turn for the worse last Thursday, they knew it was bad. He received an expedient blood transfusion on Friday, hoping it would help him regain balance. Unfortunately, it was not successful.” Undoubtedly, the response to Thin Dog’s story, which generated research, prayers, donations, and calls from around the world, deeply touched the rescuers.


“Our hearts are broken, and we know that many of you are grieving his loss too,” they wrote. “Cases like this take a toll on our staff, and although we cannot share all the details with you due to the nature of the investigation, we are grateful for all the words of encouragement we’ve received over the past few days. You remind us of the goodness in the world.”

Meanwhile, the rescuers remain committed to seeking justice for this abused and neglected dog. “This precious Joe (who went by many names) wants us to keep fighting,” Citadel Wayne Animal Care and Control stated. “The investigation continues. We are still urging anyone with information to call our office at 427-1244, option 1. Every tip is crucial. Even if you think it’s insignificant, please reach out to us. It might be the lead we need to crack the case.” Find out more in the following video.



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