The poor dog is afraid of the water struggling everywhere calling for help in vain, causing everyone to panic and suspect it has rabies and want to stay away from it


In a quiet neighborhood, a dog’s anguished cries pierced the air, leaving concerned onlookers puzzled and alarmed. The distressed canine exhibited no visible injuries, leading to suspicions that it might be suffering from rabies, a dreadful viral disease. Despite its apparent fear and shock, the dog remained unaware of the bystanders’ genuine intentions to assist. Its apprehension was so profound that no one dared to approach, for the dog vehemently resisted any touch, exacerbating the mystery surrounding its condition.

It became apparent that the dog was afflicted by hydrophobia, a particularly distressing symptom of rabies. As the story unfolds, we delve into the dog’s arduous journey towards recovery, highlighting the efforts made by veterinary professionals and the community to alleviate its suffering.

The dog’s behavior, though not aggressive, was marked by incessant screaming. Its piercing cries conveyed a deep sense of distress, hinting at the torment it experienced. Although it refrained from attempting to bite anyone, its profound shock and fear were palpable. Regrettably, these emotions prevented the dog from recognizing the benevolent intentions of those present. As the situation unfolded, it became apparent that the dog had developed an intense aversion to all forms of liquids, a classic symptom of hydrophobia.

Consulting with a veterinarian shed light on the dog’s condition. The diagnosis revealed that it was in the initial stage of hydrophobia, a manifestation of rabies. Contrary to popular belief, hydrophobia does not solely entail an aversion to water. Instead, it encompasses the excruciating pain associated with ingesting any form of liquid. As the dog was confronted with even the sight of liquids or water, it exhibited uncontrollable restlessness, darting around in a desperate attempt to escape from its perceived torment.

Given the potential danger posed by a dog exhibiting such symptoms, swift measures were required to ensure the safety of both the animal and the community. Recognizing the need to protect others from possible bites, it was decided to temporarily secure the dog’s mouth. This precautionary measure aimed to prevent any accidental harm while facilitating the subsequent steps towards treatment and recovery.

To combat hydrophobia, the veterinarian administered vaccines specifically tailored to address the rabies virus. These vaccines, while not providing an instant cure, are known to boost the dog’s immune system, improving its chances of recovery. Additionally, the dog received a course of antibiotics to address any potential infections and vitamin injections to enhance its overall well-being.

With the initial treatment administered, the dog was transferred to an animal hospital, where it would receive specialized care and further medical attention. The veterinary professionals at the hospital possess the expertise and resources necessary to monitor the dog’s progress closely. Through diligent observation and ongoing treatment, they aim to alleviate the dog’s suffering and increase its chances of survival.


The story of the dog afflicted by hydrophobia rabies highlights the devastating impact of this viral disease. The dog’s screams and fearful behavior serve as a poignant reminder of the immense suffering experienced by animals in such circumstances. Nevertheless, the efforts made by veterinary professionals and the community exemplify the collective empathy and determination to help those in need. As the dog continues its arduous journey towards recovery, it is our hope that its story serves as a rallying cry for increased awareness and compassionate action in the face of such heart-wrenching situations.


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