Stray Puppy with Mange Undergoes a Transformation into a Happy, Healthy Girl.


Taylor was a stray puppy with a bad case of mange, and she transformed into a beautiful, healthy pup after she was rescued by Wendy.

Wendy’s daughter woke her up one day and told her she found a puppy in the middle of the road. They put a blanket in a box and placed Taylor inside. She curled up into a ball right away.

Taylor was in bad shape. Her spine was visible, and she barely had any fur. They took her to the veterinarian. After seeing the doctor, Wendy brought Taylor home.


To get rid of the mange Wendy had to bathe Taylor with a medicated shampoo. It was a challenge to keep the tiny puppy still. For the first few days, Taylor was relatively quiet.

Taylor didn’t stay silent for long, and her personality started to emerge. She was more active and playful, and her hair was growing back. Wendy’s heart melted around Taylor.


Wendy’s husband quickly realized she wanted to keep Taylor instead of having her adopted by another family. There was a special bond formed between Wendy and Taylor.

Taylor’s transformation into a healthy, beautiful dog was an incredible journey. She is now part of their family, and Wendy is looking forward to many more years together with Taylor.


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