She’s lying in the middle of the road in critical condition, hopelessly waiting for kind people to come to her aid, how pitiful


What’s a breaking heart! Poor tiny puppy was discovered napping in the middle of the road… and nearly stepped on by someone.

She lay in the middle of the road in critical condition, despairing, waiting for compassionate people to come to her rescue. She looked so tired, weak and seemed so hungry, even her skin too dry, infected almost turned into serious mange.

Two women who found her while driving rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

The puppy is so cute. The veterinarian predicted that she will be OK after two weeks of treatment.


In the next day the poor puppy could eat a lot and was being stronger. She enjoys playing in the yard, including excrement and urine.

She is currently staying in the clinic with other stray dogs, and as companions, they will be cured together from the poor creature to miraculous metamorphosis.

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