Police Officer Gives Injured Dog The Jacket Off His Own Back To Help Comfort And Keep Her Warm

When Sergeant Chris Howlett of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department received a distressing call about a dog that had been hit by a car, he wasted no time and rushed to the scene without hesitation.


Upon arrival, Sergeant Howlett found the injured dog lying in a snow bank near the road. Aware of the cold weather and the potential for shock, he swiftly took off his own jacket and covered the dog, doing his best to provide warmth and comfort.

With compassion in his heart, the officer sat by the dog’s side, offering reassurance and letting her know that help was on the way. Soon after, the dog was safely transported to a local veterinarian for much-needed medical attention.

Fortunately, the veterinarian determined that the dog had only suffered minor injuries and would recover from the accident. The relieved owners were promptly notified and expressed their gratitude to the sheriff’s department for their swift response. The dog, named Rogue, would soon be able to return home from the hospital.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department provided an update on Rogue’s condition, stating that she was being evaluated by veterinarians and was doing well. They expected her to be back home with her family by Monday. The department also shared a heartfelt picture of Sergeant Howlett comforting Rogue, which touched the hearts of many.


The department took to their Facebook page to express their pride and gratitude for Sergeant Howlett’s compassionate act, especially during a time when law enforcement can often face negative press. They highlighted the importance of showing kindness and demonstrated that their deputies go above and beyond to help those in need. Rogue’s reunion with her owners was a testament to the positive impact law enforcement can have on their community.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that compassion and empathy can make a significant difference, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. The selfless act of Sergeant Howlett, giving his jacket to keep the injured dog warm and providing comfort, exemplifies the dedication and kindness that law enforcement officers can exhibit. Let us share this inspiring tale of compassion with our loved ones and spread the message of empathy and care for animals in need.


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