Police Dog’s Bravery! Stabbed in duty, K-9 melts Simon Cowell’s heart on BGT. A tale of courage and devotion that touches the soul.


Finn, a former 9-year-old German shepherd police dog, recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent with his master, Dave Wardell, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They delighted the public and judges with serious thought reading skills.

Just a few months ago, Dave was attacking an armed suspect, when the suspect suddenly attacked Dave with a 10-inch blade.

The brave Finn instinctively protected Dave and ended up being stabbed in the chest and head.


Dave handcuffed the suspect and precipitated the dying Finn to the emergency room. One of Finn’s lungs was punctured, but his heart was intact. The doctors took him for an emergency operation and finally managed to save his life!

In the following weeks, Finn was connected to all kinds of devices and respirators. After a long and difficult recovery period, Finn was back on the street, fighting the crime and saving the situation.

Finally, he retired and Dave brought him home to live comfortably like his family dog!

To thank his best friend, Dave fought for the “Finn Law”, which pushes for harsher penalties for injuring service dogs.


No wonder Simon, tears in his eyes, made a special gesture to this pair after the act. Now that Finn is retired, we are sure he will learn many other breathtaking things to amaze us!

Click on the video below to watch Finn and Dave let everyone cry with their moving story!


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