Malnourished and burdened with ticks, he yearns for sustenance and relief from his painful condition.


Recently, our team of rescuers have been busy saving animals in need. The first story began when an amateur rescuer spotted a puppy by the wayside. He was malnourished and covered in ticks, and he couldn’t even stand up.

The rescuer called us, and we knew we had to act fast. We named the puppy Theo and rushed him straight to the clinic. His blood work showed a severe infection, but we put him on antibiotics and watched as he gradually improved. Theo gave us a scare, but his pink gums and healthy appetite show us that he’s getting better every day.


Our second rescue was a little fellow who was malnourished and had an infection. He had sarcoptic mange and didn’t have much energy, but he showed an interest in food. We named him Doctor or Doc for short. He was only 4kg in weight, and his eyes showed the sorrow of living on the street.

But with a yummy meal and some medicine, Doc started showing us his positive energy. He even began wagging his tail when we came near his unit. It may take some time, but we are confident that we and Doc can make it.


Our third rescue was a newborn kitten who was abandoned at our feeding station for stray cats. We waited 24 hours for a mama cat to show up, but she never did. We named the kitten Paris because he had an Eiffel tower on his nose. Feeding him was a challenge, but he’s doing well and has gained almost a whole ounce in weight. Paris has a good appetite, and we’re confident that we’ll find him a new home soon.

Each of these rescues is a reminder of why we do what we do. We are dedicated to saving animals in need, and we won’t stop until every animal has a loving home.


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