For an agonizing 12 days in the brutal expanse of Siberia, a faithful canine


Karina Chikitova lives within the distant Sakha area of Siberia along with her household and her dog Naida. The three-year-old daughter went to the adjoining woodlands with Naida at some point and have become misplaced at midnight jungle.

As a result of there was no phone community within the area, the Chikitova household needed to wait greater than 4 days to inform authorities of their daughter’s abduction. Locals believed somewhat little one could not dwell on this bear-infested space. The only solace was the truth that Naida was with Karina. Your entire hamlet was mobilized and looked for days, however the lady was nowhere to be seen. Everybody feared the worst because the weeks handed, as a result of Karina might have starved to loss of life or been skinned by a wild animal.

When the search crew found Naida on the conclusion of the 11-day search, there was a ray of optimism. They adopted the dog with a combination of hope and terror. They have been shocked to find Karina lifeless on the grass mattress Naida had constructed for her!

Karina was famished and dehydrated after spending 12 nights within the wilderness. She was within the hospital for a lot of days. When she got here to, she mentioned that Naida was the only cause she was nonetheless alive! The devoted dog not solely protected Karina from harmful creatures, but additionally stored her heat within the chilly climate.


Whereas Karina ate blackberries and drank river water to remain hydrated, Naida was involved about her homecoming. The terrified dog finally went out in the hunt for rescuers and led them to Karina’s hideout. Karina had been bitten by a number of pathogenic bugs and was severely emaciated. However the courageous lady steadily recovered. She is now a rising dancer with massive objectives in her eyes!

And the individuals’s favourite heroine is Naida! As a testomony to the dog’ bravery, the native authorities created a monument of Karina and Naida!

What a story of loyalty, invincibility, and bravado!


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