Dog Rescues Puppies: Amid Submerged Home, She Bravely Enters Flooded Den to Scoop Out Her Young.


It is only natural for a mother, of any species, to always seek to protect her little ones. And one such incident took place in Vietnam, where a dog risked her life to save her puppies from a flooded den.

The dog, named Lu, was living under a concrete patio with her four puppies. Though it was nothing fanciful to live in, her home was sufficient for her and the puppies to live comfortably.

But unfortunately, the family was caught in the wrath of nature, and her home got flooded during a heavy rainfall


Lu was outside, but her four little puppies were inside the home, unable to come out and in danger of dying from being submerged in the waters.

Lu’s owner, Binh Dao Thi, quickly came to the scene and understood the gravity of the situation.

He took a bucket and started scooping out the water from the home’s entrance, while Lu stood there unwilling to let go


But her owner’s efforts weren’t enough…

It was at this moment that Lu went inside the flooded den herself, squeezing her body under the patio


It was a risky move since she could have ended being trapped inside the den.

But Lu came out and brought all four puppies together with her

Unfortunately, the little ones had trouble breathing


So, the owner gave them CPR and the puppies began to breathe normally

All four of them eventually recovered

And during the entire rescue process, the owner was sure that Lu would do all she could to bring back her puppies safely since he knew that she was a loving, loyal dog


“She’s originally a dog from an island. She’s so loyal and protective of her children. There were four that she brought back out of the hole. They all survived and they have recovered. I’m sure that no more are in there because the mother would never have left them,” he says in an interview with MailOnline.

The dramatic footage was shared across the internet, as people were amazed at the life-and-death situation that unfolded in the clip.


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