Displaying remarkable compassion, a brave husky stumbles upon a box of near-dying kittens and becomes their adoptive parent, proving that love knows no bounds.


This Dog definitely has a really big heart.

Animals have such big hearts. Sent prayers for healing and help for the dog as she cares for the kittens. Animals definitely have a soul!

This dog name Banner, 3 years old and her owner has been teaching her since birth that she can help her with something she needs.


She knows how to recognize the arrival of PTSD, [hea.daches], can be a guide, knows how to bring [medi.cati.ons] and many other things.

This owner with her dog loves rescuing other animals that have [ba.d] times.
This dog came across seven small kittens, which were just born. They were in the middle of the woods inside some old cardboard.


Of course, she immediately informed her owner about it, which she then brought to them. When she put her head in the box, she took the little kittens carefully and took them to some other safe place.

Banner has been constantly in their company since he brought them. She certainly feels proud and happy. She is overjoyed because Banner gave these kittens a chance to live their lives.


Looks like they are happy all together.

What an amazing dog to rescue those beautiful kitty’s. You must be very proud…!

Animals are amazing. They can care for others who are not as fortunate as themselves.

Animals are amazing. They can care for others who are not as fortunate as themselves.


Bless this wonderful husky for taking care of those po.or kittens.

Love is everything with no boundaries.

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