Dad loses his composure the moment he spots the dog who’s been lost for 12 days, a heartwarming reunion filled with emotion and relief.


Losing anything can feel unnerving and like you’re losing your mind. But losing your pet takes that feeling to a whole new level! It feels like your own child is missing. Sadly, a family went through that pain when their dog was missing for a week and a half!

The family searched all over for their family dog Butterscotch, commonly known as Butters, after he mysteriously vanished. However, they were unable to locate him.

In an effort to locate Butters and return him to them, the family put up flyers all around their neighborhood and the city.


After a grueling twelve days, Butters was eventually located, and his mother was informed. In order for her family to be shocked when mom picked up Butters, she kept her family in the dark about his whereabouts.

The dad gets super emotional and then he cutely scolds Butters, “What are you doing, idiot?”, while hugging him and crying tears of relief and happiness.

It’s gut-wrenching to have to wonder if your beloved buddy is fed and warm. So it is no surprise that when they’re found and returned, your heart practically leaps out of your chest with excitement! This is one reunion that will have you in tears.


We are really grateful that this kind family has their dearest friend back at home, where she belongs safely.


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