Brave Guardians: heartwarming images of firefighters rescuing pitiful dogs to restore your faith in humanity


I always think of firefighters as the most courageous people in the world.. Their job is not only risking but requires a lot of courage and enduringness. To save a human life is not an easy challenge, However, firefighters are not only hired to save human kind, they’re also ready to step in whenever there is an animal in life-or-death situation.

To celebrate the bravery of these heroes, we have collected a series of pictures where firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue animals in diffulct situations.. These pictures are making us appreciate way more their true selflessness

Take a look at these stunning animal rescues.

1. When a blind dog fell into the icy Lake Ontario, a firefighter showed no hesitation in jumping into the water and pulling the dog out.

2. Brushfires spread through Australia, leaving animals in need. Here a firefighter offers a koala a bottle of water.


3. Fireman Brett Cunniff saved a kitten from a house fire, making sure that it received the oxygen it needed right on the scene.

4. When this dog became trapped in a burning home, firefighter Ben Lawson came to the rescue, reuniting the dog with his owner.

5. A deer stuck in a storm drainpipe was rescued by the Austin Fire Department.

6. Need proof that dogs feel gratitude? Here it is.


7. A cat, rescued by a firefighter from a house fire, looks visibly relieved.

8. Firefighter Cody Knecht climbed into a drainpipe to rescue some trapped ducklings. He played his cell phone ringtone to help lead them to safety.

9. A mare fell into a bog, and British firefighters came to her rescue, freeing her from the muddy mess.

10. After John Cusco rescued a dog from a burning home, he spent some time making sure the dog was hydrated after the ordeal.


11. No animal too small! Firefighters rescued hamsters from a burning home and even gave them oxygen.

12. Firefighters reunited this cat with her grateful owner.

13. When a dog got stuck in an icy pond, firefighters came to his rescue.

14. When firefighters in Chili heard meowing coming from an old car, they found four kittens without their mother. They nursed the kittens back to health and found them good homes.


15. Firefighters pulled this Lab from a house, but he was unconscious. They performed mouth-to-mouth on the dog to revive him.

16. This cat, saved from a burning building, owes her life to a firefighter.

It’s incredible some of the things that firefighters do. We owe them a debt of gratitude.


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