Abandoned and abused: The touching story of a poor dog abandoned by his owner who collapsed on a plank and only let his cruel fate decide his life or death


It all started with a girl who saw a puppy left behind by its owner on a wooden bridge. The puppy was called Aqui, and he was fortunate to be rescued by Isabella, who took him home and provided him the assistance he required.

But Aqui’s abuse story didn’t end there. Isabella received a text message from the girl who had first posted about Aqui, stating that the puppy’s former owner had poured boiling water over him, leaving a scar on his back. Aqui’s health was OK despite the agony, and he was soon immunized and ready to join other orphaned puppies at a shelter.


Aqui developed swiftly under Isabella’s care and became a cherished member of the sanctuary. He was renowned for being a little mischievous and pulling jokes on the other puppies. But, as time passed, he also received regular vet checks and loads of love.

Finally, Aqui found his permanent home on January 14th, 2023, with a loving family who promised to give him the life he deserved. Meanwhile, the police were called in after they discovered two additional adult canines in the abusive owner’s home. The owner was charged with animal cruelty and promised never to keep another animal again.


The story of Aqui serves as a reminder that there are many neglected and abandoned animals who require our assistance. But, with a little love and care, we can change their lives and give them the happy ending they deserve.

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