A puppy, only 20 days old, was found dumped on the street. He is unable to stand, his head is turned, and his body is curled up


Finding an abandoned puppy on the street is always a heartbreaking sight, but finding a 20-day-old puppy unable to stand and curled up in a ball is particularly distressing. This was the situation that a group of animal lovers found themselves in when they discovered the poor pup left to fend for itself.

Despite the sad circumstances, the rescuers didn’t give up on the little puppy and decided to seek medical help. They enlisted the expertise of a neurologist, Alberto Alejandro Hermida, to determine the cause of the puppy’s condition.

Initial observations indicated that there was a neurological issue at play, but the source of the problem wasn’t immediately clear. Further scans were needed to investigate the situation fully.

It’s always challenging when a rescue animal is suffering from a mysterious ailment. But, with time, patience, and a compassionate approach, there is always hope for improvement.


Although the puppy’s condition is concerning, the veterinarians and rescuers who have taken it upon themselves to help this little one are committed to doing everything they can to give the puppy the best possible chance at a full recovery.

The animal’s resilience is also worth mentioning. Despite its physical limitations, the puppy seems to have a fighting spirit, as evidenced by its ability to hold its head high and remain alert despite the distressing situation.

It’s an inspiring reminder of the strength and determination that animals possess, even when they are at their most vulnerable.

We hope that the puppy receives the care and attention it deserves and that, in time, it will be able to stand, walk, and play just like any other puppy. This little one’s journey to recovery is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Watch the video below.


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