A kind family decided to save the poor dog from drowning in a deep lake and the happy ending


Rebecca and Quenton Champ enjoy a stunning view of Lake Houston. They frequently look out towards the sea, enjoying the tranquility of the passing boats and birds. They noticed a dog paddling far from shore one day when they were monitoring the sea and immediately realized something was really wrong.

They promptly raced outside and hopped in their boat as the paddling dog appeared to be in a dire situation from where they were standing. They were aware that the dog was too far from land for it to have swum there by itself.

They weren’t the first to see the worn-out dog. Their neighbors had gotten in their boat to assist after seeing the dog as well.

The Champs were unfazed by this information and arrived to the dog as soon as they could. Quenton drew the dog toward him and jumped off the boat as soon as they were near enough. He prepared to cover the dog with the life jacket he was holding.


He struggled mightily to put the scared dog’s jacket on once he was near enough, then led him in the direction of the boat. Rebecca comforted and pleaded with the dog during the entire ordeal to continue swimming in her direction.

Once the dog was safe on the boat, the Champ’s son quickly named him Freddy. There was nobody to contact because the dog was untagged. To be sure Freddy was okay, they decided to drive him to the veterinarian.

Freddy was given a clean medical report and was also free of any microchips. Freddy was wonderful, but the Champs couldn’t keep him. They did, however, offer to care for him while they looked for his family or until they could find a permanent home for him.

When no one arrived to claim Freddy, they called on friends and relatives, who were delighted to assist in finding a new home for the adorable dog. Friends of the Champ, John and Demetria Hall, fell in love after watching a video of Freddy right away:


“Once I saw the dog, I fell in love,” said John. I played the video of Quenton saving the dog and playing with it inside to my wife and kids, and they instantly decided they wanted that puppy.

Freddy also fell in love with his new family as a result of the mutual attraction. The contented dog was eager to play right away. Perhaps he realized he had found his true, permanent home.


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