A Golden Retriever dog crawls under her mechanic dad’s car to shower him with much-needed hugs and affection.


Dogs are among the most unique creatures on the planet. Our canine companions have done little to deserve their unconditional love, cuddles, and companionship.

Dogs are popular as pets because they provide unconditional love and loyalty to their owners. They are always delighted to see us and have an abundance of affection to give!

They never judge us and never get tired of us! Dogs are truly humans’ “best friends!”

A lovely video clip that is circulating online shows a man receiving the sweetest cuddle from his beloved dog. The man was trying to fix something underneath his car when his furry friend, a Golden Retriever, crawled down to show him how much she loves him.


After all, a big hug is always appreciated, no matter what the circumstances! This furry friend knew it would brighten her owner’s mood at the time, so she decided to try it, and it worked perfectly.

In a touching scene, the affectionate Golden Retriever insists on cuddling even though her owner appears to be preoccupied. The man was installing drawers beneath his car, but his dog desperately wanted his attention, and she didn’t waste any time in getting it.

The adorable scene took place in Australia and was captured on video. Within a few days, the video went viral.

A big hug is always welcomed, regardless the circumstances!

The man, who is intent on installing some drawers, does not appear to be bothered by the lovely distractions. When he realises the dog’s intentions, he drops his tools and returns the favour.


In a heart-melting scene, the affectionate Golden Retriever, insists for some cuddles

Of course, who would be bothered? After all, it shows that our dog loves us so much and we love them right back

The sweet puppy appears to be overjoyed that she has gotten her wish, and after gently licking her owner’s ear, she simply collapses on his chest and places her head on his face. It was truly a breathtaking sight to behold.

Sometimes, it takes videos like this one to realize how much love dogs can offer to their human friends


It takes videos like this one to realise just how much love and loyalty and companionship dogs can provide for their human companions. While all dogs are tender and friendly, Golden Retrievers are believed to be among the most loving and welcoming family dogs.

They are so jovial and caring with their cute furs that makes them so squishy to cuddle. And yes, the moment was caught on video and it is right below.

You can watch the adorable moment by clicking the video below:



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