A dog in pain suffers from a giant mushroom-like tumor growing on its leg, leading to a rescue operation to alleviate its suffering.


Thani, a village dog, had been struggling with a massive tumor growing on his leg for a long time. The tumor had grown so big that it resembled a mushroom and was causing Thani a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Fortunately, some kind-hearted people and a monk heard about Thani’s situation and decided to help him. They coordinated to take Thani to a veterinary hospital for treatment.


After a thorough examination, the veterinary team recommended surgery to remove the tumor. The operation was not going to be easy, as the tumor had grown so big that it was starting to affect Thani’s mobility.

Despite the challenges, the veterinary team and Thani’s caregivers were determined to give him the best possible care. The surgery was a success, and the tumor was removed from Thani’s leg.


Thani’s recovery was not easy, but he was a fighter. With the help of his caregivers and veterinary team, he slowly regained his strength and mobility. Over time, Thani’s wound healed, and he was able to walk and run around without any difficulty.

Thani’s story is a testament to the power of kindness and compassion. Without the help of the kind-hearted people and the monk, Thani’s situation could have been much worse. Thanks to their efforts and the skilled care of the veterinary team, Thani’s tumor is gone forever, and he can now live his life to the fullest.


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