A courageous dog puts his life on the line to shield his 16-year-old best friend from intruders, displaying the remarkable depths of loyalty and protection.


Rex, a German Shepherd who was 2 1/2 years old, was shot many times on February 21 while guarding his house and his closest companion from burglars in Es Moines, Washington. The brave dog, who risked his life to defend his 16-year-old owner Javier from the two intruders, was severely beaten.

Javier heard someone enter the home, according to Q13 FOX. The adolescent dialed 911 while hiding in the closet. Rex was determined to defend him and raced downstairs to fight off the dangerous men, despite his best efforts to get the dog to stay with him, the man claims. Javier said that when he heard gunshots, Rex screamed.


Rex had injuries to his neck and legs.

Javier’s aunt Susy Cadena wrote:

“The two thieves brawled and punched him as hard as they could. Rex stormed upstairs to visit his master, who was still cowering in the closet, despite having been battered and bleeding from the beating.


Rex charged the robbers as soon as they began to approach the room where Javier was camped out. He felt he had to do whatever it needed to save his closest friend, despite the fact that he was bleeding and hurt. Police sirens ultimately scared the would-be burglars away after the courageous dog had been severely battered and shot several times.

Sonia said:

“Rex rushed out with what little power he had left and pounced at them when they entered the room where my nephew was hiding in the closet because he realized my nephew was in danger. Sadly, Rex was shot four times before ultimately giving up the fight.


“The sirens were what drove them away. To the last ounce of strength he had left, my nephew was shielded by his steadfast buddy, encouraging him to follow his instincts of love and loyalty.


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