120-Pound Pitbull Welcomes Abused Shelter Dog To The Family


When the Weishaar family met a gray Pitbull puppy named Bear, they instantly fell in love with him. Although they weren’t actively looking for a dog, they couldn’t resist adopting Bear, who had been unwanted by his previous owners. From the moment Bear entered their lives, he became the first “kid” of the family.

Bear grew rapidly and eventually reached a size of 120 pounds. Despite his large stature, he was a sweet and cuddly boy who adored playing and had a particular fondness for socks. He became the center of his parents’ world and brought them immeasurable joy.

One day, the Weishaar family came across another dog named Chuy at a shelter. Unsure of how Bear would react to a new dog, they decided to introduce the two pups. After a successful meeting, Chuy found his forever home with Bear by his side. Chuy had experienced a difficult life and had spent over a month in the shelter, but his friendship with Bear helped him overcome his past hardships.

On Chuy’s first night at his new home, he slept in the same bed as Bear and the Weishaars. Since then, the two dogs have been inseparable companions, despite their differences. Bear had grown up in a privileged environment, while Chuy had faced adversity and was grateful for basic necessities like food and shelter. With love and care, Chuy gradually overcame his fears and anxiety over a period of three years.


While Bear remains the “baby” of the family, Chuy provides them with emotional support. Both Pitbulls are cherished and adored by their humans and each other. Together, they form a strong and loving family, capable of facing any challenge with their adorable canine companions by their side.

This heartwarming rescue story shows the power of friendship and the ability of dogs to overcome their pasts. Despite their differences, Bear and Chuy became best friends, providing each other with love and support. Their story serves as an inspiration and reminds us of the incredible bonds that can form between humans and animals.

For more adorable moments of Bear and Chuy, you can follow them on Instagram @2pitheads. Feel free to share this heartwarming story with your friends and spread the joy these two pups bring.




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