Woman finds pittie sticking head out of window of stolen bus

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On what seemed like a normal day, a woman named Melissa began hearing a “screaming noise” from inside a bus. When she turned to check who it was, she was surprised with what she saw.

Inside was a dog crying for help on an extremely hot day. She made it just in time to save her.

The dog was already restless.

Melissa called the police for help and they were able to successfully rescue the pittie. When they found the owner of the bus, it had come to their attention that the bus was actually stolen.

And just when she thought the poor dog’s bad luck is over, she was told that if nobody takes the dog home, she will be euthanized. And again, she was quick to save her life for the second time.

Melissa volunteered to take her home.

“I was very excited to give her a bath because she was so stinky,” the woman said. “And she liked it.”

She named her Lexie. It might have been something she didn’t plan, but she was ready to give the canine a lot of love. In fact, she took the dog to the vet for an overall check-up the very next day. She noticed that her new furry friend has some bald spots.

The bald spots were from all the stress.

“I don’t want her to ever feel like she’s ever gonna be left alone again,” she lovingly said. Indeed, this woman is Lexie’s knight in shining armor!

Melissa was initially worried if the rescue dog will get along just fine with her other dog, Roadie. According to her, Roadie really loves her own space so having another dog to share that with was a huge adjustment for her.

Thankfully, the two dogs instantly clicked!

Now that she finally got Roadie’s approval, it was now the time for the next step: see if she will get along with Ben, her partner. He was quite overwhelmed with all the “puppy energy.”

“Lexie went over and cuddled up on Ben’s lap as if she was saying ‘Thank you.’ And I was like, ‘She’s ours,’” she recounted.

Ben fell in love with Lexie.

But the love Lexie received wasn’t only from her new family, even Melissa’s TikTok followers send her a lot of love too!

“My TikTok followers were all asking to send Lexie toys. It was like a kid on a Christmas morning,” she shared.

The dog was confused.

It was as if Lexie couldn’t believe all these toys are hers. She must have suffered so much in the past that she’s not used to the brand new life she has.

“She’s like my little shadow. She always needs to be on top of me,” Melissa said. “It’s crazy how much capacity she has to love even with the conditions she was in. She’s not going anywhere.”

It’s safe to say that Lexie has finally found her forever home in the arms of a family who truly adores her.

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