When he sees his owner jump into the river, the dog always stands watch on the bridge

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A devoted dog in Wuhan, China, waited on the Yangtze Bridge for four days after witnessing his owner make a commitment by jumping off of it into the river.

A devoted dog in Wuhan, China, waited on the Yangtze Bridge for four days after witnessing his owner make a commitment by jumping off of it into the river. The sad pictures of the loyal dog that were uploaded online have impacted thousands of people.

The photographs, according to Chutian Metropolis Newspaper, were shot by a resident by the name of Xu. Mr. Xu wanted to take the loving dog home when he saw it relaxing by the railing over the weekend. The dog was too frightened to approach the guy when he went to pick it up on Friday, so it bolted off.


According to Chinese media, a devoted companion dog in China waited on a bridge for four days after witnessing its owner leap into a river.

On June 5, the man also attempted to feed the dog in an effort to assist it. The dog would not, however, even drink any water or leave the area.

According to the Daily Star, images of the puppy looking directly into the river through a portion of the bridge railings have moved hundreds of people to tears on Chinese social media. Additionally, local police said they discovered and later confirmed that “an unnamed member of the public had been seen leaping on the night of May 30.”

Nobody is aware of what motivated the owner to leap from the bridge.

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Local users claim that the dog had been waiting for nearly a week before it was found by workers building the bridge the day following the tragedy.

“We requested the bridge officers to investigate precisely what occurred.” Given the darkness, we had trouble making out much on the CCTV tape. On Sunday, Mr. Du spoke to Pear Video.

“[We noticed that] the individual] immediately leaped,”

When Mr. Du attempted to feed the devoted dog, he fled.

According to Mr. Du, his volunteers are currently looking for the devoted animal’s location. Additionally, he promised anyone who had seen the animal to come forward.

After realizing that the dog had escaped, Du and his volunteer team are now on the look for the animal, with the hope of finding it soon. We spent the entire morning looking for the dog in vain. If anyone in the area finds it, do let us know. We would want to find it a new home. It would be unfortunate if such a devoted dog ended up as a stray on the streets.


On Chinese social media, the dog’s love has reduced thousands of people to tears.

The group said in a statement that “none of us knew what the dog’s owner through before they decided to leap from the bridge.” The dog watched as his owner plummeted into the river below while standing still. Only the dog is aware, yet it is unable to speak to us. He was left with no choice except to stand watch in the same location and wait for its owner to return.

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The beloved dog is still missing, according to the charity, which informed MailOnline on Tuesday as local volunteers and people continue their hunt.

OMG this made me cry, remarked one reviewer. Guys, please appreciate your life and keep in mind that many people care about you.

Hope they find the dog soon so it won’t have to stray any longer, another person commented. Find a decent family to take care of it!

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