They Broke Both His Front Legs And Dumped Him , He Kept Begging Strangers For Help

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Chewie the Yorkie was thrown away like a piece of garbage in Santa Ana park in Orange Region, California.

Click the video below to see just how an deserted Chewie braved his misfortunes with a smile and found his happy ending!


Despite both his front legs being completely fractured, the small dog hid his pain and smiled at complete strangers, hoping somebody would certainly assist him. After spending days in misery, he was lastly saved by the team at OC Animal Care.

They Broke Both His Front Legs And Dumped Him , He Kept Begging Strangers For Help

At the health center, an X-ray exposed that Chewie’s broken legs had started to heal in a twisted position. This meant that the poor baby had actually sustained the injury several weeks ago, however his owner never bothered to take him to a veterinarian. It’s highly possible that the owner themselves broke Chewie’s legs and then dumped him.

The vet performed a hard surgical treatment to repair Chewie’s legs. The rehabilitation after the surgery was definitely tricky, however the delicate kid turned out to be a solid trooper! He trusted his diligent caretakers whole-heartedly and by the next week, he was gladly frolicking around in the grass despite his cast still on!

Chewie obtained adopted right after he made a total recovery! His new mother, Cheryl, is head over heels in love with this little young boy, while his human and doggie siblings also love him to bits. Way to go, sweetie! Chewie has definitely charmed his way into our hearts with his innocent smiles and bright spirit!

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