The poor dog stuck in the deep drain can only helplessly cry for help in despair, he cries, in pain, looks so pitiful


A puppy that got stuck down a drain has been rescued by firefighters.

Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to locate the Jack Russell, called Lily, after the pet disappeared during a walk at Aldershot Park in Hampshire.

The fire service said Lily had become “disorientated and distressed” before being rescued on Saturday afternoon.

Firefighter Phil Wareham said: “A very relieved and grateful owner couldn’t have been happier with the crews’ efforts.

Lily the Jack Russell IMAGE SOURCE,HIFRS
Image caption,

Firefighters said Lily had been “disorientated and distressed” after becoming stuck down the drain

“Lily even enjoyed a pasta and meatballs hot pack, supplied by us, as a reward.”

The rescue came three days after firefighters in Chilbolton, near Stockbridge, freed a cow that had got its head stuck in a tree.

Lily the Jack Russell being rescued in Aldershot
Dog Lily reunited with owner in Aldershot


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