The Cat That Granted The Old Woman’s Last Wish!

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Thank God she got to say goodby. May she rest peacefully! ♥️

If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever!
There is a true story that will warm your heart. A cat named Oliver granted the last wish of an old woman – his owner, before her de.ath. Her wish is to say goodbye to her best friend, Oliver the cat.

Why do old people especially love cats? Cats may not seem as enthusiastic and lively as dogs, but they are the most effective soul healers. Elderly people no longer feel lonely when they are with their warm cats. It’s true!

Cats with short lifespans often di.e before their owner, and we humans will be very [s.a.d] when we have to say goodbye to them. So, what about the opposite case? This old lady loved her cat very much. She knows how Oliver became a part of her life, an [un.bre.akable] relationship, even after de.ath.

Oliver was by her side every day, bringing her peace and comforting her wo.rst days. She agrees that the best way to go is to be with her cat. So, before leaving, the old woman asked to meet her best friend Oliver the cat to say goodbye. She wants to make sure Oliver knows where she’s going and that her love never goes aw.ay.


Therefore, people sent Oliver to see her off the last stretch. After saying goodbye, she can safely go to heaven and wait for her cat there.

Older cats may be left behind due to the de.ath of their owners. Oliver is luckier. He will have a good life, certainly not better than when the old woman was alive, but he will be treated well until he is reunited with his owner again.

Hopefully, when the time comes, Oliver will get to see his best friend again to say hello. They will continue to be together happily. Thousands of people have been touched by this story, how about you?

God Bless her and her beloved cat.So Happy she got her Wish.
An animals love is completely unconditional.

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