The boundless love and loyalty of the dog melted the hearts of viewers as it continuously waited for its owner at the abandoned spot.


It’s Peggy here. For over three days, she was left by the side of the road to the left. Peggy is abandoned like trash, with little hope of surviving in this barren environment. A family she trusted and loved abandoned her.

She sobbed for three days while staring at various vehicles in the hope that their owners would come get her. Naturally, no one paused to see the evacuation of this infant. I paused when I interrupted Peggy’s appeal.

One compassionate person, Monica Popovici, stopped. and that woman, who loves dogs so much that she even established her own dog shelter.

“I heard her crying , my heart was broken , I loved her from the first time I met her. I told her a lot, I love her , I won’t let her be alone again. She trusted me. I brought her to Vet and I’m really happy. I become the owner of this sweet baby.” Monica said


Peggy is alright, and the next day she will be taken up. The adorable youngster continued kissing Monica’s hand. After a few days, she is feeling better and is loving spending time with other dogs.

She currently enjoys a cozy life with pals and a fantastic owner.


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