The Black Bear Enjoys His Best Moment In … A Dump!

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The bear’s like ‘Dang, is this memory foam?” 😂

The bear’s face is like ”Do not disturb” when he is caught by a woman. He seemed annoyed that she interrupted his cozy time.

A dump is a place that bears love to visit for food. In Kingfisher Lake, Ontario landfill, a black bear thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he finds a plush mattress. Of course, he prioritizes his precious leisure time over finding food.

Black bears are common in Ontario. It’s not hard to see a bear roaming the landfill at 5 pm. But a bear that knows how to relax and enjoy is a surprise for Keira Mamakwa. So, she didn’t hesitate to snap some hilarious pictures of the black bear just 15 feet away from her.

He lay very comfortably and gave a ‘Please do not disturb’ message instead of being thre.ate.ning.

In Ontario, you can only call 911 if the bear is behaving in a way that threatens your safety.

One mans trash is another bears treasure!

That’s absolutely beautiful and adorable 🥰 but The things these humans throw out… 😔

It seems like bears get a lot of enjoyment out of many things.
Can somebody give this bear a- MYPILLOW , pillow . 😂😂😂

Animals are really not so different from us humans; just kinder, not predisposed to vi.ole.nce, only when they or their offspring are sensed to be in dan.ger.

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