Sweet Dog Checks In On Newborn Triplets Every Day


In Branford, Connecticut, a heartwarming story unfolds as Lisa Barnes, a proud mother of newborn triplets, witnesses her Goldendoodle, Sunny, showering her babies with love. From the moment the babies arrived, Sunny became an adoring big fur brother, checking on the little ones every day.

Lisa captures these precious moments on video and shares them on TikTok. One particular video, titled “Cuteness Overload,” quickly became a viral sensation. It’s no wonder because the footage showcases an overwhelming level of cuteness.

In the video, the three newborns are lined up on their pillows, resting on the couch in a row. Then, here comes Sunny, standing on his hind legs on a footstool while resting his front paws on the couch. With tail wagging, he lovingly gazes at the babies.

Sunny proceeds to nuzzle each baby, as if individually checking on them. He goes from one to the other, tenderly kissing each one and looking up at Mom to assure her that all is well in the world of her little ones. Remarkably, the babies are not disturbed by Sunny’s presence. On the contrary, they seem to enjoy his visits and feel completely at ease with the dog’s attention. The scene is incredibly heartwarming and it’s no surprise that this adorable family has gained so many fans.


Sunny takes his role as a big brother very seriously, and his affection for the newborn triplets is undeniable. He adores being by their side and nothing can separate him from his little siblings. As the babies grow older, they will undoubtedly have a lot of fun playing with Sunny. They are incredibly fortunate to have such a sweet and loving dog as their companion throughout their childhood.

The bond between animals and humans never ceases to amaze us. Sunny’s love for the newborn triplets is a testament to the unconditional love and joy that pets can bring into our lives. This heartwarming video serves as a reminder of the special connections that can form between furry family members and human babies.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable video as much as we did. Please feel free to share it with your friends and spread the joy of this sweet dog’s love for his newborn siblings.




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